Thursday, August 05, 2004

Spaceman Gary Bell is a Moron


Gary Bell fans, go here first

Monday through Saturday, you can hear The View From Space on Mojo Radio. The show is hosted by "The Spaceman", Gary Bell. If you believe the moon is made of green cheese, that Prince Charles is related to Jesus and fathered the anti-christ, that DNA is a fraud, then this is the show for you. He claims to be open to debate, but every caller is drowned out by his retorts..."Freemasons rule the world"..."Interplanetary travel is impossible"..."Walt Disney was a pornographer". Really.

Listen to the show, because it is a good exercise in mental discipline. He dulls his audience into a stupor with...his...long...pauses. And then castigates the listener for not knowing minor details about minor gods worshipped in ancient Babylonia. And the best part of the show is the callers. "Great show Space" is the usual mantra of these moronic dittoheads.

For fun, enter some of Bell's phrases into a web search engine, and you will find the web page he is reading. Of course, he calls this plagiarism "research". Some of the clues that he is reading his show from a web page are the long, awkward pauses, and the mispronunciation of simple words.

Do tune in (M-F 9-10, Sat. 10-1) and have a good laugh.


  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Jim Dandy Goodness, you have the nerve to call Space a moron when you have a handle like this. Space makes you think whether you believe him or not. He delves deeper then the so-called free press. His topics reach behind the main theme which all pressed follow. If anybody is a moron it certainly is not the people who listen to his show rather the people who tag him indifferently.

  2. Dearest fucktard,

    Gary Bell is a fucking moron. A gag, a liar, a shill for his own silly joke on twits like you. The only way he makes anyone with half a functioning neuron think, is the effort due to the effort it takes to keep us with his tall tales, half-truths, and outright bullshit. His listeners are morons. Barely literate, ass-scratching, cat owners, frightened of their own shadows, and terrified of the bogey man to such a degree that normal human interaction has become an impossible dream for them.

    No more Cheetohs for you, you orange-fingered bag sniffer.

  3. "orange-fingered bag sniffer"


  4. This guy posts on Aug. 4 2004, since then no one posts. I post and all of a sudden you have 2 dummies that follow, of course with their own personal retarded retort.

    Do you losers just wait around?

  5. G, what the fuck are you talking about? I am "this guy". You made a comment, and I responded, as this is my blog. The Rev put up a response because I mocked your stupid ass just the other day. Or do I have you confused with some other asshole? Dummies? No one defending Gary Bell can use that word unless they are bathing in a pool of self-referential irony.

  6. You are that guy, gee I never knew you'd be sitting by your little computer waiting for a response from the world. How naive of myself. I guess you are another one in a long list of jerkoffs who thing that voicing their opinion matters to the rest of the world. Spaceman is a thinker whether you like him or not but I see that you can't probably comprehend that because you listen to what you Mother told you to do.
    Did you make up that word "self-reverential irony" all by yourself or once again did Mommy help you.
    Praise Ra.

  7. How is it possible that you are this stupid? When you make a comment, it gets sent to my e-mail. I don't have to sit and wait for your pithy comments, they come right to my door.
    Now fuck off, you illiterate troglodyte.

  8. LOL!!!

    Gary Bell is such a moron!!
    He probably is thinks that global warming is fraud and the government is using heat blowers to melt the ice


  9. Julio3:06 PM

    Too bad China is supporting you pieces of shit. I mean if you don't think that, then we all know how stupid you are when we compare you to the rest of the world. Military might and moronic imbeciles that spawn from American soil will destroy the world, not GWarming, dumbo!!!

  10. It does amaze me, that everyone just seems to be taking shots at each other. I do listen to the spaceman and others. I don't take what they say to be the absolute truth. But if you don't listen and sift through the babble, how can you decide what to believe.

  11. Harvey2:55 PM

    Who the fuck is Jim Dandy?

  12. Jeebus harvey, are you always this stupid? Nevermind.

    Dan, you should choose to believe someone who does not continually tell verifiable lies. Bell is either lying for sport, or being mendacious on purpose. He is not someone in whom one puts belief. Unless you are like the troglodytes commenting on the post that are critical of Spaceman. Their world view is limited, and wrapped up in their man-crush on Gary. Weep for these emotionally retarded morons.

  13. David,

    I didn't say that I believe in someone, other than myself, but by checking out many different thoughts, we are able to create are own. Unless, we just want to be a monkey see, monkey do, kind of person.
    I guess that is why I checked out a page called "spaceman-gary-bell-is-moron.html". Well I'm off to to keep my search alive.

    Enjoy your day, Dan

  14. Dan,

    Thank you so much for the lecture.

    Lies are not different thoughts or beliefs worth bringing into your belief system. You can create your own belief system, but you would be better served by believing in reality, and not your own constructs. Gary Bell lies to his listeners. That is a fact. That some of them choose to believe his line of carny b.s. is astounding.

    And like my previous comment, I am addressing the plural and universal "you" and not you specifically.

  15. Dave,

    Thanks for the quick replies. I hope my lecture wasn't to boring.

    Enjoy your day, Dan

  16. Dan,

    I am glad you took my hectoring response to your "lecture" in good humour. Thanks for stopping by to comment. Pop in any time and feel free to take the piss out of me.

  17. Fuck you faggots! Jim and Dave, two homos in a pea pod. Fuck off with your dribble once and for all!

  18. Good job Me. Not only do you think that Jim Dandy is a real person, you present yourself as a homophobe. And you obviously aren't familiar the word "drivel".

    You are a sanctimonious fucktard. In other words, a typical Gary Bell fan.

  19. Hey David what fucking mother would name their kid "David"? Oh one that would grow up to be an inane blogger who ridicules people with free thoughts.

    Fuck you you homonic cyborg!

  20. Actually, as David is one of the most popular male names in Canada for the last half century, picking on a mother's choice seems to be a strange line of attack.

    Now if David was a Cyril, then you might have something... Dick...

  21. Forgive him honshui; it is hard to type and think straight when sucking a warty dick. Such is the fate of crack-bloggers. Gotta suck to blog.

  22. > "This is a fact. The form of Christianity Gary was talking about did not exist before >Nazi Germany"
    >You are going to have to prove this beyond "Gary said it."

    Well unless your argument is “Gary Bell said it, therefore it is false”, you are denying the existence of Deutsche Christen/Positive Christianity on the basis of you find that part of recorded history as fabricated by some person(people) for whatever reason

    There is no way anyone can prove a part of recorded history is true to someone who chooses to believe that part of recorded history is not true

    I didn’t expect you to deny the existence of Deutsche Christen/Positive Christianity (although in retrospect your accusation that Gary was lying insinuated you were denying the existence of Deutsche Christen/Positive Christianity…)
    I have no intention of convincing you something you choose to believe doesn’t exist does exist (I’ve learned from experience that it is a pointless cause), but even if I wanted to how could I possibly convince you that something exists when you choose to believe it does not exist?

    For example if I were to reference the above book I would accomplish the proof that Deutsche Christen/Positive Christianity is a part of recorded history.
    That would not prove Deutsche Christen/Positive Christianity ever existed to people who believe that version of history has been fabricated

    >RE:Tim McLean

    Is a police officer who suspects a criminal to be a member of the mafia a liar because he proposes the mafia connection theory when he can’t prove it? If the criminal mafia connection is false, then the officer is incorrect or wrong. Being wrong about something doesn’t make you a liar unless you insist you are right after you find out you are wrong

    Last time I checked the police don’t know what triggered the bus attack. Eyewitness accounts described Vince Weiguang Li as looking strange or crazy before the attack. He apparently didn’t show any violent behavior before the attack (which would be likely for a crazy person prone to violent outbursts). And he apparently had a survival knife on him (which by the way is illegal on a Greyhound bus, something that has more in common with premeditated crime than a random attack) which he wasn’t using to threaten people before the attack. So basically there is a quiet crazy person on the bus who is calm for most of the trip without showing any violent behavior who suddenly is triggered (without apparent explanation) to behead and eat part of the remains of a adjacent bus rider and of course goes back to being non violent after the event

    The Manchurian candidate theory may sound ridiculous to you because you choose to believe they don’t exist, but for those of us that choose to believe they exist the theory Vince Weiguang Li is a Manchurian candidate is far more likely than a random act from a crazy person who for some unknown reason illegally brings a knife onto bus rides

    There was sufficient evidence, albeit only circumstantial and speculative evidence to call Vince Weiguang Li a Manchurian candidate on the broadcast. That’s certainly more evidence than there is for any other proposed theory (as far as I know, the police are not going to come up with an explanation). Obviously it would be inappropriate to consider it in a trial without solid evidence, but Gary Bell isn’t involved in any trial so there is no harm in proposing a plausible theory with only circumstantial and speculative evidence.

    Of course you probably disagree on the grounds that it’s not a credible theory, but of course opinions of credibility are always a personal belief.

    RE: Madonna
    As for the Illuminati masters, the phrase Illuminati is unfortunately used way too frequently and liberally to the point where saying someone is Illuminati is about as descriptive as saying someone works toward the “Great Work”
    The idea her agents are using her to change/degrade the minds of people is plausible to many people.
    Gary Bell’s view on what porn or sodomy is a lot closer to that of a Puritan that a mainstream definition.
    I don’t know which broadcast you are referring to, but I remember the Passion of the Christ broadcast and him referring to Monica Bellucci as a porn star which to most people is ludicrous, but probably very reasonable to a Puritan or Amish person.
    The most accurate accusation for this type of thing would probably be
    “Using incorrect terminology because you have a slanted Puritanical that blinds your judgment on what is porn”

    >Summer 2004. Stated "the world will end in 2012".
    Assuming Gary Bell did say that in Summer of 2004 (which I can neither confirm nor deny) that makes the statement “Gary believes the world will end in 2012.” a lie or incorrect information depending on whether or not you knew Gary Bell changed his mind about the subject. In that case the correct statement would be: “Gary Bell used to believe the world will end in 2012”.

    Re: Holy Blood Holy Grail

    Gary Bell does not believe the Merovingians are descendents of Jesus and Mary Magdalene which is one of the biggest plot points to Holy Blood Holy Grail.
    Now if someone were to argue that Gary Bell believes the priory of Sion existed/exists and was/is really protecting the bloodline of Cain, then that person may very well be correct

    Since Gary Bell will often read things he doesn’t agree with, it’s hard to tell what he believes. Sometimes he does part or a whole show just to make a point.
    In this case the point is his theory that the antichrist/Dajjal will be of the Merovingian bloodline and the Holy Blood Holy Grail plot will be used to “prove” that the antichrist is a descendent of Jesus using DNA testing and artifacts supposedly containing the blood of Jesus. He may or may not believe the Priory of Sion existed/exists to protect the bloodline of Cain, but that’s really not the same thing as Holy Blood Holy Grail

    >"Excuse me if I find 67 kg of hydrazine to be insufficient to accelerate up to 120,000 >km/hr and maintain such speed for 280+ days"
    > Do tell.

    I’ll explain, but only because I like doing calculations

    When I previously made that statement, I was operating under the assumption that the 120,000 km/hr was respect to Earth. And of course after reading some NASA reports on the flight of the lander I have found out that the reference point was the sun and not the Earth

    Transfer orbits and 67 kg of hydrazine is nowhere near enough to reach a velocity of 120,000 km/hr with respect to the Earth. The concept is completely ridiculous.
    Normally that would have triggered a red flag in my mind, but that didn’t seem to bother me since I stopped believing NASA was a credible agency back in the late 90s…..

    Target kinetic energy: (1.57-1.94)*10^8 kJ depending on the mass of fuel left

    My estimates of velocities in a Hoffman orbit should be taken with a grain of salt as I have no background in aeronautical engineering and the only mechanical engineering course I had to take was statics
    But my calculations give an estimated kinetic energy range of:
    (8.66*10^6)-(1.10*10^7) kJ depending on how much fuel it has left

    Without any data on extents of reaction, the change in enthalpy in the product stream, or energy losses due to heat there really isn’t a way for me to calculate the work generated from thermal decomposition of hydrazine.

    If one were to assume that all the ammonia byproduct reacts with hydrazine molecules than the maximum possible chemical potential energy of 67 kg of hydrazine is 1.06*10^5 kJ

    If one were to assume that all the ammonia leaves the product stream, the minimum possible chemical potential energy of 67 kg of hydrazine is 78,027 kJ

    With only the above two sources, it’s ridiculous to assume you could reach the goal of (1.57-1.94)*10^8 kJ at 120,000 km/hr. Even if you used all the fuel in a short period of time you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near 120,000 km/hr

    But of course when you use the sun as a reference point rather than the Earth you have to take into account the kinetic energy from the 29,783 m/s orbital speed of the Earth around the sun which is (1.26-1.55)*10^8 kJ

    In other words the 120,000 km/hr speed is physically possible, but only if the reference point is the sun. I was wrong about 120,000 km/hr being physically impossible statement

    >The problem with this is that you don't know who he is referencing, and if they are a >valid source of information. The word "research" does have meaning beyond "shit I >found on teh Google". So why defend an unprofessional hack?

    Once someone is convinced of the existence of the existence of DNA, and understand how DNA replicates and is affected by mutations, radiation, chemical reactions etc. that person really doesn’t need to care much about the source when the discussion is DNA. Once a person is educated about a subject background information of sources cease to be important and only news things are relevant. By that point you can tell what is accurate or inaccurate just by what is consistent or inconsistent with what you already know

    My foundational research of the far majority of subjects talked about on AVFS was completed by the end of the 90s so I don’t listen to AVFS for background info…I listen for things I did not know before….which is usually information about current events that I missed or didn’t think of

    That being said Gary Bells is well researched as a whole. His talking points for a broadcast often come from random google searches, but that’s not where his foundational research comes from. He’s deficient in some areas, but it’s easy to disregard what he says on those subjects. He’s better at predicting things than any living radio host that I know of. And he’s a lot more honest than most radio hosts…as I’ve only heard him lie once.

    Anyway I’ve wasted enough time here. I only came here to point out some incorrect statements and well look at all this I’ve writing….Anyway assuming there are no further errors on your side of the discussion unrelated to your personal beliefs, I am ending my end of the discussion here, otherwise it will have to wait until next week after my son and I come back from the wilderness

  23. Jesus Pali, could you stay focused? Perhaps if you lectured less, you might not find yourself moving the goalposts so often.

    "you are denying the existence of Deutsche Christen/Positive Christianity on the basis of you find that part of recorded history as fabricated by some person(people) for whatever reason"

    No, I am not denying this splinter group existed. I reject the notion that Hitler created it. That was Gary's point. He was wrong.

    "Is a police officer who suspects a criminal to be a member of the mafia a liar because he proposes the mafia connection theory when he can’t prove it?"

    And when does this ever happen? People with known mafia connections are often identified as people with known mafia connections. In the case of Tim McClean, nothing is known, so to make a connection to a satanic ritual is obscene. To insist that the killer is a "Manchurian candidate" is about as silly as believing in Santa Claus. Both have been the subjects of movies and books, and neither has been seen in the wild. Wild imaginations perhaps.

    "“Gary Bell used to believe the world will end in 2012”."

    Fine if it makes you sleep better. The point is that it is a ridiculous statement to make. And that you find no problem with it speaks volumes about your commitment to the truth.

    "The most accurate accusation for this type of thing would probably be
    “Using incorrect terminology because you have a slanted Puritanical that blinds your judgment on what is porn”

    And you think you are wasting your time? Why don't you stop wasting mine and focus on what I wrote about what Gary said, and less on your need to lecture. Gary said, unequivocally, that Madonna has done hardcore porn movies. Secret hardcore sex films. That she was drugged, mind-controlled, and performed sex acts on camera. He wss not referring to his view of her commercial film work. You go too far to defend utter bullshit when simply admitting it is bullshit would be far easier.

    Re: DNA and your foundational study. This is a specious argument. DNA is part of material, verifiable, testable science. Your foundational studies, and Gary's fears of monsters under the bed, are not. You simply cannot expect all the nonsense he spouts to be held to the same standard as the work done by thousands of scientists over hundreds of years. That is preposterous. Confirmation bias is not evidence. Finding the number 3 everywhere is not evidence (other than of coincidence). Disbelieving actual evidence of actual events is not evidence. In fact, this particular argument of yours is why this is a waste of time. I require proof, while you see a lack of proof as evidence.

    "Anyway assuming there are no further errors on your side of the discussion unrelated to your personal beliefs,"

    How gracious of you to allow me the faint hope of not being wrong. As for my personal beliefs, they don't enter into this, unless the belief that one should live in the real world, and not use the public airways for the dissemination of unverifiable nonsense is a disqualifying characteristic. Look, if there was proof that aliens existed, I would be happy. But there isn't. If there was proof that numerology mattered and had a tangible effect on the world, then I would be glad to use it. But there isn't.

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

  24. Wow!!!!
    This is Dan. I am amazed,,, with the "blogs", I guess, it is because I don't read blogs.
    Which, I think are just, what I call babble. (no insult intended)

    Dave, you though I was lecturing. I believe, I been beaten(bow to the victor). After reading over half of the lecture, I was bored.(Sorry honshui). I thought, this was an old page, but I guess, it has been reincarnated(humour).

    Well Dave, I see you've been enjoying yourself. I should read some more of your blogs, when I got some time. Well, I guess, I don't have to tell you to enjoy yourself.
    Take care Dave, Dan

  25. Well Dan, some blogs, like this one, are about babble. And some are actually good.

    This is an old page, but Gary Bell fans keep on coming to it in order to insult, so it stays fresh and fun.

    And the comment about lecturing was tongue-in-cheek. It is my usual response to honshui when he likes to point out that the sky is blue.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

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  29. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I believe Gary has the best intentions and has done his research. You wanna debunk him, then use a little intelligence. Lame put downs and jack-ass remarks just make you look as stupid as you are read.

  30. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Bobbie fail =D

  31. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Gary Bell is a tsunami of stupid.

    I'm listening to him right now and laughing as he tries to explain how the International Space Station (ISS) is some kind of a scam because allegedly photographs from inside the ISS with a view of the Earth are never publicly published.

    Here here, to Gary Bell's colossal ignorance and "research" skills.

  32. Anonymous6:07 PM

    The Spaceman Gary Bell, is unsaved and will miss the rapture. He holds to the British Israelism heresy as well as other misinterpretations of the scriptures. When he goes through the Great Tribulation period, hopefully he will accept Jesus as his only Lord and Saviour.

    The following is the truth as the imminent rapture is any-moment ...

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  35. David first of all have you even listened to his show? Well if you fucking did you twat you would know that he is the furthest thing from a moron. Go bite your cock off. And when all of what he says comes true, I won't be surprised if you start bawling like a little bitch. FUCK YOU

  36. V, you are delightfully stupid. Here's a picture of a bunny for you. Enjoy the stress-induced stroke fucktard.

  37. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Gary Bell needs firstly to read this site which refutes his antisemitic notions (and they are antisemitic):

    If the 'spaceman' continues to deseminate such antisemitic garbage, we'll report him to the ADL and initiate having him removed from AM640. It is not to that station's credit that they have him on. We'll watch him over the next while to see if he tows the line.