Monday, September 10, 2007

Werds an Stuff

In case you hadn't wandered through the fetid bower that is my blog roll, allow me to point out a few sites of interest.

Right off the bat we find KD, who was been on fire as of late. This professional writer touches on comics, Kung-Fu films, and the "egotistical disregard of tradition in the finest wushu sense."

Do yourself a favour and take five minutes to enjoy words arranged both expertly and delightfully.

On that note, do stop by Kevin's blog. He is another professional writer, with reasoned opinions on politics, popular culture, and the outrageously sweaty weather in Japan.

These two are among my daily reads, as they keep me revising my posts in the vain attempt to approach their quality of writing. Bookmark them.


  1. Jaysus Boy! I got no time to read the entire Innertubes as it is, and now you point me at some guy in a Japanese woodshed? Guess I'm gonna need a size 11 coffee mug tomorrow morning.

  2. Crazylegs, fear not, like the lakes of Ontario, the woodshed is fine once you get used to it.

    Of course it would be a lot finer if I would get off my ass and post something a little more often, but its been a busy summer, what with all the sushi eating and beer drinking and bikini ogling and a killer case of the flu. But I will do better from now on, honest.

    Thanks for the props Dave!

  3. Sushi, beer and bikinis. And flu. It's a fair trade.