Monday, July 21, 2008

Stephen Taylor - Cow-Handed Queere-Duke

Stephen Taylor, erstwhile Fellow at the Manning Centre, has this to say about the left and right side of Canadian politics:

"As a conservative, I have for the most part found intellectual solace in logic on issue tracks where my bleeding-heart friends usually hug the emotional left rail. The broad-arching free markets help rise more people out of poverty than knee-jerk social and emotional reaction to give hand-outs to sustain a substandard of living is but one example where cold right-wing logic is a better and more constructive end that short-sighted albeit well-meaning emotionalism. I have always believed that right-wingers act upon what they know to be true, whereas left-wingers act upon what they feel to be true."

Oh sweet vengeful Odin, am I ever sick of this ridiculous nonsense that the "lefties" feel things, whereas the good and true conservatives "know" things. Stephen., go to h..., no wait, piss off. How does that feel?

And any time you want to highlight those vaunted scientific chops of yours, and show us the logical, intellectual studies that demonstrate how the Reformers think, and the goddamn commies feel, well then please let us know. We'll get our crying towels ready and have some tea on the boil, just to keep us comforted during the long cold night of our discontent.

Shameless half-wit.


  1. Got to side with the manning institute guy on this one. Be aware that you are lumping yourself in with the Maude Barlow's and Jack Layton's of the world. The left does not need fact or theory in the same way since they base their positions on their inherently superior moral positions. Want to see a great discussion of this (along with a great title), then check out:

    Thomas Sowell, The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy

    Sowell is not whom you would expect to be writing these things, but he makes a good case about how the left and right approach debate and policy making. You may want to side with the righties after reading it.

    Go ahead and fire back, after you have read Sowell,...

  2. Anonymous1:38 AM

    This post of your is highly emotional and angry. It doesn't much touch on reason!

    If this was meant to be a self-parody of your argument then bravo!

  3. A book by an elitist about how elitists are bad? Another economist scolding society as he balances sociology, voodoo, and some maths? You might as well point me to a book on heliocentrism, "cause it might make me side with the flat-earthers". If you want to support a baseless trope, go right ahead. Feel good about that. But I know that this is your usual, stir-the-hornet's-nest bullshit. Hey, maybe I should read Jonah Goldberg's superb tome about how liberals are the real fascists. And perhaps before you tout Sowell, you should consider his four stage pattern of "crisis/policy proposal/policy enactment/evasive arguments" fits the neo-con and Refromer mode exactly. Or have you not been paying attention? Tell me how the liberals are responsible for the crisis of teen pregnancy in the U.S. How they are responsible for millions of dollars going into abstinence-only education. How this failed, and how the Bush government is denying this factual reality. Then tell me that this policy of abstinence-only education was based on logic, and not on making "righties" feel good.

    Tell me how the Iraq debacle was clear-headed and logical and had no basis in feeling. How the Iraq "crisis" was handled, and how criticism of the handling of the crisis was dealt with by defaming the feeling voices on the left as traitors. Good, solid logic there. Then tell me that they have not used evasive arguments to obscure mounting evidence that the policies have not worked or indeed have been disastrously counterproductive.

    This is why Stepen Taylor is full of crap. Frankly, I expect better from you.

  4. As for nonny-tard, my post is angry. Anger at someone telling lies about using logic. Anger at a lack of reason on the part of Stephen Taylor. Or does that type of rational thinking upset your head.

    Nice touch with the "bravo"! You must really slay them on Usenet with that kind of wit.

    And really, is it that hard to make up a name? "Lick Spittle"? "Douche Bag"? Just make a up stupid name so that we know who to blame for your silly-assed arguments.

  5. The point was not the clear headedness of Iraq (which was supported by the left and right in the US so I am not sure what your point is...) The point you raised was the use of fact, evidence and logic in policy making and whether one side of the spectrumm can claim the high ground.

    Teen pregnancy a crisis? Have you ever looked at the age at marriage up to the 1970s? Lots of teens got pregnant but they also got married.

    Now that the movie Juno has glorified teen pregnancy to the extent that it suggests that you can have a kid, give it up and have no lasting impact, why not try the experience? Oh yeah, as I understand it, the filmmakers were "Liberals" who still enjoy taking a good shot at Asian stereotypes.

    Oh yeah, I caught the new "Kurt Russell" version of the PoseidonAdventure on CBC last night. It is a travesty what they did to one of the all time movie classics. Skip the new one and go back to the original.

  6. "The point was not the clear headedness of Iraq (which was supported by the left and right in the US so I am not sure what your point is...) The point you raised was the use of fact, evidence and logic in policy making and whether one side of the spectrumm can claim the high ground."

    An outrageous lie followed by the clear sound of moving goalposts.

    The "left" did not support the invasion of Iraq. In fact, you will have to provide some reference to this mass of lefties before any discussion can continue.

    And my point was never that one side has the higher moral ground. My point is that Stephen Taylor is an asshole for clinging to the trope that people on the left feel, while those on the right think. The wrongheadedness of Iraq stands in stark contrast to that very idea, so it is an excellent example. Rising rates of sexual activity in direct response to abstinence-only education is another.

    But, prove that the left supported the invasion of Iraq. And don't forget the millions that protested around the world. Find me the millions of commie pinkos who marched in support. And show that they continued to support the war after they learned how big the lie was. They didn't, because they can think. Those who continued to support the "War on Terra!" feel like it is right. And come from the right side of the political spectrum.

  7. Barack Obama, hilary clinton, ... Congress which is full of democrats... Michael Ignatief...

    Rising rates of sexual activity does not prove that abstinence programs failed. Have you ever considered that the rates could have been even higher in the absence of the abstinence campaign?

    Both left and right extremes suffer from the same ideological blinders. the left comes across as more feeling since they say "damn the facts and logic, I care about people and what is right is right". The right can't see beyond their cherry picked facts that show that them that the leftie policies aren't working and the mere existence of the leftie policies offends their own sense of what is right is right.

    Time to ignore both extremes. They are the equivalent of crows squawking at dawn. They disturb your sleep but they really don't add much positive to the environment. Both sides are guilty of stifling progress. Frankly, I am tired of both of them.

  8. Oh, you mean this congressional vote? This vote in the Senate? Surely you can't be referring to public opinion in your assertion that both the left and the right supported the invasion. That would require 60-70% of the U.S. being both left and right, with 30-40% being something else altogether. That would be arguing in bad faith now, wouldn't it. And let's not forget the fact that protesters were called traitors, that the policticians in the U.S. who voted against the resolution were compared to Jeannette Rankin, and no, not in a good way.

    And I really hate to play the "no true Scotsman game", but Clinton is your definition of lefty? If you are too busy to try, don't play at all.

    As for abstinence education; the rates of sexual activity for teens who underwent this education rose in comparison to previous educational efforts. And so did pregnancy rates and rates of STDs acquired. These rates are in contrast to the teens who received sensible educations. So we don't have to wonder, or feel. We know it is a failure.

    "Time to ignore both extremes. They are the equivalent of crows squawking at dawn."

    So you agree with me on Stephen Taylor. You could have just said that from the start.

  9. Ignatief is a lefty? Barack Obama voted to invade Iraq? Honshui, have you been listening to the Gary Bell show again?

  10. You mean you didn't see Obama's name in the list of Senators? It's there, but he was going by "Smith" at the time.

    And I guess when you are politically right of the Fraser Institute, and have consumed so much Kool-aid from the Calgary school of political thought, that Ignatief looks like a Canadian César Chávez. Oops. I forgot that honshui has never heard of him.

    And of course 'shui listens to Gary Bell. He huddles in his basement listening to the Leaf's games, crying into the arm of his sweat-stained couch, wishing he'd never left Ontario for such a sucky province. Once the game is done, the emptiness of his transplanted soul is too much to bear, so he finds succour in Spaceman's words. He is not to blame for his wretched condition, the Illuminati is. Mollified, he let's the beer take its toll and bring him the darkness .

    Umm, do you have any idea what I am talking about? I swear, there is something wrong with my brain this week.