Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fursuiting is Perfectly Normal

Herb has been on my ass all day to post more fursuiting videos. Especially anything involving dragons.

Back by singular demand, it's Cornwall The Dragon!


  1. J. Fugle2:57 PM

    I don't even get this... Why do they do it? I would get it if it were sexual, but this roaming the park stuff is just too out there.

  2. I think it an extension of cosplay. Like that is an excuse. I guess I understand their need to role play, or "take on a character", but I don't share it. All I can suggest is watching his videos where he talks at length about why he dresses like a dragon. Seems harmless enough.

  3. Hey Fugle, didn't you dress up as the inkblot superhero at halloween? how is that any different from these fur suiters?

  4. Here you go, the monty python "Mouse Problem"sketch with fur suiting:

  5. J. Fugle12:24 AM

    How is a Halloween costume different from being a furry on random weekends and walking around the park? One gets you tons of props from the nerdiest guys at the Grad Lounge, the other makes you an exhibitionist that doesn't even get naked.

    Somebody is suspiciously very interested in the furry fandom subculture from the looks of things...

  6. I understand that a guy who drives the galant (aka the "new K-car") wouldn't "get" the showy world of fur-suiting, but those of us who drive cool cars like Sienna's and Lesburus get it. We're saying "Hey! We are neat guys! Look at us!"

    Well, one of the lads started squeakin', so I thought I would try it, and I kind of liked it...

  7. Halloween is the entry drug. Combine that with excessive D&D and online MMORPGs, add a dash of comic fandom and soudainment, one is a furry. Of course, the furries who are married come to it as an offshoot of role-playing in the bedroom. "Hey baby, maybe you could dress like a bear tonight?" From there it is a short walk to wandering through parks dressed like a dragon, trying desperately to avoid being that middle-aged suburban guy you really are.