Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still Crazy After All These Years

Still silly. Still overpriced. Still ridiculous after all these years.

Frankly, the meat dress has more to say, artistically and socially, than stripesy.


  1. a) we were the only major world collection that did not have a good to decent neuman.
    b) the scale and the sublime overwhelming of self makes the work in situ profoundly heroic
    c) we made money on it

  2. Re: a) We still are.

  3. Regarding b) Really? This sounds like bullshit. The "sublime overwhelming of self" sounds like grant grasping, reach-around nonsense. But hey, you profess to be the expert here. "Profoundly heroic". Really?

    c) Prove it. And tell my why I should care. The WWE makes money. So does every kind of porn. I would rather see a Maplethorpe exhibit than this stripey nonsense. And I have seen a Maplethorpe exhibit. In the original German no less.

    I do like your site. I think the formatting is ass though. It's like you want to punish the reader with less than perfect vision. If so, you will love this site. Or, it could be a heroic sublimation of the divine. Or something. But really, who cares what I think. I barely do.