Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Dance Party

This happy, super-poppy, dance-ready ditty seems to be woefully underplayed on retro radio. Obviously this is a travesty of such immense proportion that only a blog post can correct. Universe, you're welcome.

Here is an audio-only version of the album track. If you really need to see it, go here for the original video. The quality is terrible and the audio is a bit out of synch.


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  2. Awww, David - you posted this on my birthday! That must mean somthing because the person who first introduced me to The Spot on the banks of the River Thames is a Sparks geek. The only one in town. So I've heard everything they've done - and this song is easily my favorite. ... incidently, what's up with the Charlie Chapln guy in the bathrobe playing keyboards? I'm told he's the brains of the band.

  3. Anonymous12:53 AM

    This song must have been on nick and nora's infinite play list.