Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Joys (and Follies) of E-Publications

The original layout, from today's London Free Press, had a cute picture running beside the horrific story of the murder of a local woman. It suffers from the dissonance caused by a happy picture standing in bold relief to terrible story. I would say that at first glance, the picture detracts from the story. I've cut out the personal details as they are unnecessary to my rant.


The electronic edition simply makes it worse with the picture set in the body story and not off to the side. The same headline appears (cut to remove personal details) in this one as well.

Bad layouts should not colour the story of the murder of a young woman. I understand that mistakes happen, often, in the London Free Press. This one just feels more egregious today.


  1. this is exactly what I get paid to keep from happening

  2. Maybe you could write a short primer for whoever is supposed to being doing the job for the Freeps.