Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Day, Another Scam

I've noticed a decrease in the number of "Nigerian Prince" e-mails of late. I have seen a reasonable uptick in the number of scam faxes I get though. It used to be that nuisance faxes were mostly of the cheap vacation variety, offering supposedly tremendous deals on cruises to exotic ports of call. I don't want to travel with people who buy trips off anonymous faxes, but that's another unwritten post.

Lately, at work, I've been receiving a number of the 419 type offers. I understand that sending them by e-mail is virtually free, so it makes sense to use that delivery method. Are long distance phone call now approaching zero in cost? Obviously for this scam to work, it has to be widespread. I think a successful return on an e-mail blitz (thousands, if not millions of e-mails) is supposed to 1%. I wonder if the "rate of return" on the faxes has to be higher to offset the cost of sending them. Unless, as I said, they are using some form of long distance phone access that is free and where do I sign up for that?

For posterity, here's my fax from Michael J. Simpson. As others have pointed out, it's cute how he spells his name wrong in his e-mail address (michealsim147@gmail.com and micheal147@trustkonsult.com). Is that due to stupidity, or duplicity? Both I suppose.

You know, I get scam e-mails, scam faxes, fake door-to-door salesmen, and lying assholes trying to take my money my fraudulent means on my phone; it seems that doing legitimate business is just too hard for some people. With the ridiculous number of avenues to our money open to scammers and con men, I'm surprised anyone get taken anymore. We can teach people to not walk in traffic and not clean their guns with their mouths, but we can't get them to stop giving away their money without a bit of forethought. Which shows that some consumers are just as lazy as the con men. Ah well, they'll always have Paris. At least, they'll always have the promise of a fabulous trip for two to exotic Paree! All I need is a credit card number and for a small fee, I'll hold those seats for you.

P.S. I've e-mailed this to Mr. Michael J. Simpson for shits and giggles. I expect my libel suit shortly, because that's what scammers do, they threaten to sue over the truth. Right, Rod?

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  1. Anonymous1:48 AM

    I like the episode of Flight of the Concords where the manager, Murray, answers the nigerian email and has the nigerian come to new york to visit him. I miss that show. I may have to go and watch the video for "Too many dicks on the dance floor" for old times sake.