Thursday, January 03, 2013

C'mon Netflix, It's 2013, Where's Petrocelli?

Petrocelli, once again it's a show for our time. The story of a big-city lawyer who gives up the rat race to bomb around the countryside in a pickup truck, keeping the wrongly-accused out of jail and taking some time to work on his giant house DIY project speaks to our need to find fulfillment outside the mainstream. With it's crazy cast of rustic characters and a bewildered fish-out-of-water hero, it's practically a blueprint for the modern reality show.

Plus it had guest appearances by Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, and all the tires squeal on dirt-road turns.

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  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    In the meantime you can enjoy the two seasons of the outstanding british series "Sherlock" on netflix.

    Please spare us the plea for Netflix to add any of "Mchale's Navy"; the "phil silvers show" or "green acres". the last one was Petrocelli without the mystery solving thing... later updated with the series "Newhart"...