Thursday, February 07, 2013

Brad Gilbert is The Best Thing In Tennis

Former player, coach, and prolific Twitter user (@bgtennisnation), Brad Gilbert is the best thing about tennis. Brad is seemingly everywhere tennis is happening. He has a nickname for every player on the tour and tweets in code about tennis, football, and other stuff I haven't decoded yet. He is the David Foster Wallace of Twitter. You have to embrace the prose in which he writes and let the experience happen. Eventually, the nation of Brad, the BGNation (tm.) will open up to you.

Some tweets:

 Nice regroup in the 2nd set from SQ seems a bit more relaxed now. I'm thinking over under = 6 games in the next two sets.
Watching the Dcup SQ in good shape on the quick indoor court vs Syd Bellucci, surprised so many empty seats in. jville for 1st match
isman has got to break there from 0-30 at 3-3 but playing way to defensive on return game and on that breakpoint chance early in the 5th
 amazing after there 7hrs dubs match Stan the Man vs Birdman in singles today, you would think mind and body would be very sore today
 djoker keeps his streak of never letting Muzzard ace him more then 9 times tonight 7 and 5 double faults he had only 2 in the tourney

Brilliance. And seriously the best way to follow what's happening on court in the ATP.

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