Tuesday, February 05, 2013

In Brightest Day, In Brightest Night - The Blackout That Wasn't

The Blackout Bowl! Superdome plunged into darkness?

Balls to that. The only one "blacked out" was the CBS commentary booth. The game could have continued in the more than adequately lit stadium, and CBS still had live coverage, as they were able to cover the blackout live.

I like to rail against the obvious. And I really like to rail against terms like The Blackout Bowl, which we are going to hear for years to come.


Enjoy this special view of the heroes at work, calmly and cooly dealing WITH THE GREATEST DISASTER TO EVER HIT A PROFESSIONAL SPORTS EVENT!

At least it wasn't foggy. That truly would have been a disaster on par with Alicia Keys' 2 minute anthemic lullabye.

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