Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, Logic Holds No Sway


This is amazing logic. I must admit, using the proximity one has to someone or something fantastic or supernatural as the basis for belief in that person or thing, is an apologetic I hadn't come across.

 I'm taking this to heart. The closer I am to bullshit, the more I'm going to believe it. If it works for Jesus, if it is sufficient logic for The Reverend Canon Sid Smithson, then it's good enough for me.

I bet there's lots of stuff we can allow ourselves to believe once we apply this baseline standard...

Big Joe Mufferaw, he's from out Ottawa way. Close enough to believe. Unless you're from Ottawa; the National Capital Region passed a resolution requiring belief within it's boundaries.

Right here in London we have the self-proclaimed King of Canada, King Lenard I. You can even visit his house! Surely, that kind of physical evidence holds far, far greater weight than the Bible. It's contemporary, easily verifiable, and it appeared on a blog. A newspaper too, but that's beside the point.

Ogopogo? If you were from Vernon, would you believe?


Certainly a previously undiscovered or unclassified species living in an inland lake is far, far easier to believe than in someone claiming to be the SON OF GOD, with the power over life and death and with control over the very building blocks of the universe. Surely your proximity to Lake Okanagan would make believing in this beast a mere formality, like believing in the the sun rise or the cycle of the seasons.

What about you? What can you now comfortably believe because it's near you, or happened near you? Because we need more third-grade, playground logic.


  1. I snorted and guffawed at this, my friend. Proximity equals belief now,eh? Poor Jesus. He must know how fucked up this all sounds. Does your King know him, too? Your town sounds wonderfully crazed, by the by.

  2. I assume the King knows Jesus. And Elvis. Don't they all hang out in the King's Court or some such nonsense?