Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Tired and They're Stupid

I don't really have the energy to gin up any rage, but I can smirk at what is either an obvious joke, or another indicator that the Sun Media editorial board is the most unaware, unashamed pack of hounds to ever set hand to pen.

From Tuesday of this past week

Shoot-from-the-lip Toews will be sorely missed

The sudden resignation of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, gone now from both the cabinet and the Tory caucus, is good news for the Harper government but bad news for journalists.
What Canada needs is more judges sitting on the bench with conservative tough-on-crime approaches, and fewer myopic social workers posing as magistrates. Vic Toews would fill that need in spades, and good luck to the first tearyeyed pedophile who stood before him for sentencing.

Are you kidding me? You must be kidding me. Sadly, I have no doubt this ethical black-hole of human will fail upwards like all these evil assholes manage to do.

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