Monday, September 09, 2013

Monday, Time for New Things...That Suck

Just a couple more posts before I lose my interest and start that "Daddy Blog" I've had on my mind for a while.

First up, some boys acting like men. I find this depressing. And not just because their raps sound like tired cliches. But hey, someboday has to be the Kriss Kross of this generation.

Why not brighten your day with some advice. Advice based on horoscopes is the best as anyone can take any of the advice and use in in their own life.

Here is some astrological wisdom on how to get a Scorpio man to put a ring on it. When you're listening, substitute Scorpio for your sign. Or any other word or term, like "hunter", "baseball fan", "fat slob on the couch". Instead of getting him or her to fall in lust, imagine it's advice about getting the compost bucket taken out, or the socks put in the hamper.

Remember, Scoripo man is strong and absorbent. So why not just buy paper towel and save on the hassle?

Lastly, something that doesn't suck. Or it does. I don't care to argue music. They are here because they have a great name. "Fuck Buttons". This track/cut/song/jam is "Brainfreeze".

Now get out there and get something done so you can feel good about yourself and take the rest of the week off. I'll be busy with my "15 Can't Miss Lunches That Will Drive Your Kids Insane. Because You Put Psilocybin In their Bento Box Lunch".

My daddy blog is going to be awesome.

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