Thursday, December 19, 2013

Folks, Phil Robertson Has Been A Religious Asshole For Years

It's no surprise that duck-call guy Phil Robertson is in trouble for his asinine views on homosexuality and sin. Phil is one of those evangelicals who is using his beliefs in myth as a bulwark against his own (perceived) sinful predilections. In other words, too weak to change himself, he had to resort to religion to prop him up. And, like many born-again Christians who come from the ranks of addicts and alcoholics, he goes as far in the direction of religious purity as he believes he did into sin. In other words, a right bore.

He lies about history as well. I use the word lie as the man has a post-graduate degree in education and knows how to research. He also knows how to quote mine.


  1. I read a tweet that pointed out the obvious double standards of the religious git.
    He equated homosexuality with bestiality, but has made his fortune out of selling a device that convinces ducks that people want to fuck them.
    I think he has bigger issues than most and is desperately trying to keep a lid on a whole load of dark secrets.

  2. Like we say, it's always projection with these people. Always.